Changing Environment, Changing World

Scientists predict that if we stay on our current course we will irreversibly change our planet within the next 30 years. Many reports show that average temperatures in the arctic region are rising twice as fast as elsewhere in the world. The polar ice cap is shrinking at a rate of 9% every 10 years and some in the scientific community argue that at this pace, summer in the arctic could be ice-free by the end of this century.

In January 2007, the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its 4th report. The major finding is that scientists are 90% certain that human activities over the last 50 years, such as the burning of fossil fuels, have led to “global warming” or “climate change.” These findings are increasingly being brought into the mainstream in various ways, due in part to the increased attention on unseasonably warm weather across parts of the globe. There are numerous actions that nations can take to help slow the effects of global warming. Waste to Energy (WtE) offers a solution that can have a direct positive impact beginning today!