JITF Infralogistics Limited

Email: contactus@jindalinfralogistics.com

Investors Concern

For JITF Infralogistics Limited, all stakeholders are of critical importance and the Company reaches out to all stakeholders to make appropriate disclosures at regular intervals and takes all necessary steps for an expeditious remedy of any of their grievances.

The Company has a Stakeholder Relationship Committee to specifically look into any complaint of shareholders/ investors and deals with all issues relating to investors grievance, including transfer of shares, non-receipt of dividends, issue of duplicate shares etc.
Please mail your grievances to contactus@jil.com
The investors may also contact Compliance Officer of the Company for any grievences:
Mr. Alok Kumar
Company Secretary
JITF Infralogistics Limited
Jindal ITF Centre
28, Shivaji Marg,
New Delhi-110015
Phone: 011-66463983/84
Email: contactus@jil.com